Residents and business owner in Hurricane West Virginia and the surrounding areas have relied on the quality heating and cooling services that only Ashworth Heating & Cooling can provide for years. Our company has long provided the essential service options so that homes and businesses in the area can remain comfortable for families and patrons. We care about our community and want to offer only the best in installation, repair and maintenance service so you never have to worry about the comfort of your loved ones.

At Ashworth, we provide only high quality HVAC products so you can trust the services being conducted in your home. As a factory authorized dealer of Carrier products, you know that only the best will be used in your home or business. We offer a wide variety of products for you to choose from with a new installation or when you are in need of a part or replacement.

Below is a small rundown of what types of products we provide and how you can benefit from Carrier product options.

Infinity Series

This option is a premier product of Carrier and offers the highest excellence rating from the company.

Performance Series

This option is one that provides several products that were created by Carrier to be energy efficient as well as durable.

Comfort Series

With high quality products this is a value option that ideally works for home comfort, specially designed by Carrier designers.

Product Types

With the products we carry, there are several categories in which you can receive service. From the type of air you breathe to how you control the temperature in the home, we cover it all. Below is a complete list of product categories we offer every customer.

Air Quality Solutions

To improve the air quality of the home, we offer humidifiers by Carrier that can help to control the air moisture in the home. Ventilators can also be installed to help bring fresh air into the home and filter the air cleanly.

Controls & Thermostats

The controls of your HVAC system are very important and at Ashworth, we offer a nice selection of temperature control products. Choose from wireless, engineered thermostats and more based on your budget and control features.

Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a system that can heat and cool the home and one that Carrier specializes in. choose from energy efficient models with extensive heating variables to help you have a comfortable home no matter what the season.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

For a newer option to heat and cool the home, a geothermal unit uses the temperature below the surface of the earth to provide comfort. A pond, soil or other water source can provide the heat needed to provide heat or cool air in the home.


Furnace systems have long provided heat in the home and are a trusted solution that many use for the harsh winter months. Carrier provides gas or oil furnaces such as the Infinity96 furnace to help provide efficient heating in the home.

Evaporator Coils & Fan Coils

Products such as fan and evaporator coils are important components of a heating and cooling system. As a Carrier dealer, we always have these parts on hand to deal with replacement or repair needs.

Duct Free Split Systems

For an unmatched level of comfort in the home, a duct free split system can be an ideal choice. This option can provide cooling and heating in a particular area of the home and can provide such comfort without a duct work system which saves you money during installation.

Packaged Products

With a packaged system, you will have the combined features of different heating and cooling products so that you can have a comfortable home no matter what the season. By taking features of different systems such as heat pumps and gas heating, you can use the best of each system to provide much-needed comfort in the home.