When you are in need of HVAC service in your home or office, contact us at Ashworth Heating & Cooling. We have served Charleston, Huntington and all points in between including Hurricane, West Virginia areas for years and we continue to provide the best in service options. We offer every service you need to have a fully functioning heating and cooling system. When you are in need of repair service, installations or maintenance options, we are there with expertise, and genuine spare parts. We provide both residential and commercial service so you never have to worry about the comfort level in your home or business. Learn more about what we can provide you below.

Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

A new heating or cooling system can be very beneficial in the home or office. With a new system, you will receive better energy efficiency and spend less on your heating and cooling bills. You will no longer need to have your unit repaired time and time again when you experience a breakdown. With a new unit, we can help you have less stress and enjoy only comfort no matter what the season. As an authorized Carrier factory dealer, we have the products you need for your home or business. From furnaces to air conditioners and heat pumps, we offer the best Carrier can provide so you can enjoy the winter and summer months in comfort.

We also provide other product options including indoor air quality solutions and thermostats and controls. We can help you improve the air quality in the home with Carrier humidifiers that can control the moisture in the air and use ventilation for fresh air in the home. With the air filtration systems, you will have less bacteria and germs in the air creating a better environment. Controlling your HVAC systems is also important. Let us show you the latest products and technologies that can enhance your comfort experience. From programmable thermostats to engineered options, we have the control systems you need for the home or office.

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

The operation of your heating and cooling systems is very important. You want your units to be ready to provide service at a moment’s notice. To ensure your systems are ready for operation, maintenance service is highly recommended. This means your unit should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. The best time to have this service for your system is before the winter or summer months. A heating unit must be serviced before winter arrives so the unit can provide warm heat and vice versa for the summer. When you have your unit maintained, you can rest easy knowing the system will be ready for the extreme season when you need it most.

At Ashworth, we can provide quality maintenance service with our regular scheduled service. We arrive on time and inspect the system, checking every component to make sure the unit can run effectively. If our technicians spot a problem, we can repair it on the spot. That way you do not have to worry about a bigger problem in the future. Contact our office at (304) 397-8695 to schedule your unit’s maintenance service.

HVAC Repairs

Even with regular maintenance service, your system may be in need of repair service from time to time. We hope that you will use our experienced team of technicians for all of your repair needs. Our team has years of experience and knowledge  and can repair your heating and cooling systems in a timely manner. Let us take care of your heating and cooling systems when you have an issue so you can be comfortable once again in your home or business.

Refrigeration Services

In addition to HVAC services, we have a separate team for installation, maintenance and servicing of all commercial refrigeration. Whether you are running a shop or a restaurant, always deliver fresh products to your clients. Ensure that perishable products are maintained at the right temperature all year round. Any kind of trouble with your freezers and refrigerators could lead to inventory and even revenue losses.

Read more about our refrigeration services here.

Contact us today at (304) 397-8695 to learn more about the services we provide or to schedule a service appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!