Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning is an essential feature in the home as we must remain cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. At Ashworth, we offer you the best in air conditioning services to a long list of areas in the state of West Virginia. From Charleston to Hurricane, we offer our services to residents and commercial property owners in the area for maximum comfort during the summer. We want to supply you with quality product options for new installations as well as repairs and maintenance of your current system. Read on below to learn more about the air conditioning services our qualified technicians can provide your home or business.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning installation is an important part of new construction or when you in need of a brand new system. As a certified Carrier dealer, we offer only the best products for your home. AC installation Charleston is easily done when you are in need of a new system. Our technicians can evaluate your home and provide a detailed plan for a new AC system. We can help you meet any budget constraints as well as enjoy a brand new system that is expertly installed and operating at maximum energy efficiency levels. Let us help you install a new unit in your home today. Air conditioning installation Hurricane is at the top of our list to help you have a brand new system in your Hurricane home.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Once you have a new unit installed you will require maintenance. Maintenance is a service that every unit requires to maintain the overall quality of the system. Even your existing system requires cleaning and servicing on a regular basis to ensure every component is operational and working properly. We can offer scheduled maintenance for your home to check over your system for any repairs or service needs. Air conditioning maintenance is a must and we are ready to service your home or office with quality workmanship and experience.

Air Conditioning Repair

AC repair Hurricane is essential the integrity of your home’s air conditioning unit. When your unit breaks down, repair service is required. The system must be fixed so that your unit is able to function properly. When a repair goes unchecked, your system can have further issues which can result in a much more expensive and time consuming repair need. When you contact our office for repairs, we arrive right away. We never make you wait for cooling repairs in the home. We even offer after hour’s emergency service to help you when you need us most. Let us care for your cooling unit when a repair need is present to keep you cool and comfortable in your home.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Many times, an air conditioning system will be in need of replacement parts or components. Our technicians come prepared with many components located on our work trucks. This way, if we are providing a repair service or maintenance call, we can take care of any issues right away. We like to avoid ordering parts or having to go back to the shop, just to get your unit back in operating order. Since we are always prepared, we can usually take care of basic issues quickly and efficiently. Our replacement service is second to none from basic parts to entire air conditioning systems.

Let us help you have a comfortable home with reliable and affordable air conditioning services. We cover all aspects of home cooling so you never have to worry about your air conditioning system. Contact our office today to learn more about our many service options and how we can assist you.


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