We all want to maximize the health, comfort, and efficiency of our homes. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners ignore the impact of the duct system. The air your family breathes travels through the ducts. Too often, this essential network of pipes is harboring a buildup of contaminants. Dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, mold, insects, decomposing rodents, and other harmful toxins are spread throughout the home every time the heating/cooling system operates. Along with degraded air quality, the HVAC system is forced to run longer and work harder, resulting in an increase of energy usage, running costs, and chance of malfunction.

[h2] Optimize the performance of your duct system with professional cleaning from Ashworth Heating & Cooling in all of the Tri-Country Area. We highly recommend a proactive approach. Contact us at 304-743-8895 for accurate testing and honest recommendations. Considering that nine out of ten HVAC system failures are the direct result of a buildup of debris, this process is definitely cost-effective. Our factory authorized technicians are equipped with the tools of the trade and technology to access the entirety of the duct system without damage. The process is quick, non-invasive, and delivers immediate and long-term value.