Ashworth Heating & Cooling delivers simple solutions to temperature control. For new construction or an existing home, whether you’ve got a single uncomfortable room, remodeling project, addition, or are targeting the whole residence, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps accommodate your specific needs. Compact, lightweight equipment incorporates almost anywhere. Extensive line lengths allow versatility in mounting location. Inverter technology ensures ideal temperature and exceptional efficiency levels no matter the weather in all of the Tri-Country Area. 

Give Ashworth Heating & Cooling a call at 304-743-8895 for a complete range of ductless HVAC services across Hurricane, Huntington, Charleston, St. Albans, and Dunbar, WV. Our qualified professionals tailor design to your specifications and most often complete installation in one visit. We draw from the latest industry innovations to provide maximum rewards, convenience, and comfort. For all makes and models, we handle essential seasonal maintenance and repair. Count on Ashworth Heating & Cooling for reliable temperature control, higher standards of job performance, and 24/7 emergency assistance.