The full coverage program is a comprehensive coverage for your heating & cooling system. You pay a monthly fee to be a Full Coverage member, and when you need a service call or repair on your covered equipment, you just call Ashworth Heating & Cooling at 304-743-8895 to schedule an appointment.

You will be required to pay a $89.00 deductible for each repair when your technician completes the job. If your unit is 10-years old or older, and the price of the repair is $1,480.00 or more, then the unit needs replaced. We will not be responsible for repairing the system. You will receive the discount indicated on the agreement toward the replacement system.

Maintenance on your heating & cooling system will be provided by Ashworth Heating & Cooling in the spring and fall.

Note: Completely read your contact as all the terms and conditions apply to you.